Great World Dynasties In The Bible:

The Seleucid Dynasty – Asia Minor 305–63 BC

Seleucus I 320-281 BC - one of the 4 generals under Alexander the great. Given the name Nikator, meaning "Victor". Satrap from 320–315, and 312-305 BCE; declared King 305–281 BCE Consort/Queen: Apama

Antiochus I Soter 281–261 BC. Son of Seleucus I; co-ruler with his father from 291; Consort: Stratonice of Syria

Antiochus II Theos ("the God") 261–246 BC Consort/Queen: Laodice I and Berenice Berenice was a daughter of Ptolemy II of Egypt. Laodice I had her and her son murdered.

Seleucus II Kallinikos ("the Glorious Victor") 246–226/5 BC. Consort/Queen: Laodice II

Seleucus III 226/5–223 BC; was assassinated by members of his army.

Antiochus III Megas ("the Great") 223–187 BC; a brother of Seleucus III. Queen/consort: Laodice III and Euboea of Chalcis

Seleucus IV Philopator187–175 B.C. Queen/consort: Laodice IV This was a brother-sister marriage.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes 175–164 BC Queen/consort:Laodice IV .Called “Epimanes” meaning “madman”,by the Jews, a derogatory play on the name "Epiphanes", this is the Antiochus of Daniel Ch. 8

Antiochus V Eupator ("of the Good Father")164–162 BC

Demetrios I Soter 162–150 BC. Son of Seleucus IV Philopator and Laodice IV

Alexander Balas (Epiphanes) 150–145 BC. Son of Antiochus IV and Laodice IV. Queen/consort: Cleopatra Thea

Demetrios II Nikator 145–140 BCFirst reign. Son of Demetrius I. Queen/consort: Cleopatra Thea.

Antiochus VI Dionysus (or Epiphanes) 145–142 BCSon of Alexander Balas and Cleopatra Thea

Demetrios II Nikator 129–126/5 BCSecond reign. Murdered at the instigation of his wife Cleopatra Thea.

Diodotos "Triophon," pretender 142–139/8 BCGeneral who was a regent for Antiochus VI Dionysus. Took the throne after murdering his charge.

Antiochus VII Sidetes (or Euergetes)139/8–129 BCSon of Demetrius I. Queen/consort: Cleopatra Thea

Cleopatra Thea ("Goddess") 126-121 BCDaughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. Married to three kings: Alexander Balas, Demetrius II Nicator, and Antiochus VII Sidetes. Mother of Antiochus VI, Seleucus V, Antiochus VIII Grypus, and Antiochus IX Cyzicenus. Coregent with her son Antiochus VIII Grypus.

Antiochus VIII Grypos 126/5–96 BCQueen/consort: Tryphaena of Egypt Cleopatra Selene I of Egypt

Seleucus V 126 BCMurdered by his mother Cleopatra Thea

Antiochus IX Philopator "of Kyzikos" 114/3–95 BCQueen/consort: Cleopatra IV of Egypt Cleopatra Selene I of Egypt

Seleucus V I95 BC

Antiochus X Eusebes ("the Pious") Philopator 95 BCQueen/consort: Cleopatra Selene I

Demetrios III Philopator Soter (at Damascus) 95–88 BC

Antiochus XI Epiphanes Philadelphos (in Cilicia) 95 BC

Philip I (in Cilicia) 95–84/3 BC

Antiochus XII Dionysos (at Damascus) 87 BC

Philip II 84/3 BC

Antiochus XIII Philadelphos 69–63 BC

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