In Loving Memory Of
Patricia Ann Miller
July 23, 1933 - July 20, 2022

She missed her wonderful mom and dad,
For twenty years they've been gone;
And only a few years after they passed,
God called her husband home.

Her three sisters were her best friends,
But the last one's been gone thirteen years;
She's been all alone for so long now,
And cried so many heartbroken tears.

She longs to see all of them again,
She's been ready for a long, long time,
To meet her Lord and Savior,
And leave this old world behind.

To see her precious sisters again,
Somewhere up there beyond the skies,
To share their love and laughter,
As they've done their entire lives.

What a wonderful, happy reunion,
They had there in that beautiful place,
When all of them came running,
To once again see her sweet face.

All of us left behind loved her dearly,
She was mother, and aunt, and friend,
It broke our hearts to say goodbye,
Until that day when we'll see her again.

2022 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This peom is my own original work, and may
not be used in any manner without consent.


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