But from the beginning of  
the creation God made them
male and female. For this   
cause shall a man leave his  
father and mother, and cleave
to his wife; And they twain 
shall be one flesh: so then  
they are no more twain, but 
one flesh.What therefore God
hath joined together, let not  
man put asunder. Mark:10:6-9

Dear Harold,

It's been many years, since we said "I do",
We've been through a lot on the way;
We've had our share of good times, and bad,
Of loving, and fighting, and play.

We've shared a lot of happiness,
And had our share of tears;
We've been both friends and lovers
Throughout these many years.

And even in the bad times,
One things has always been true:
No matter what's been said or done,
I've never once stopped loving you.

And over the past thirty one years,
Our love has become ever sweeter.
Because it has stood the test of time,
Our love is now stronger, and deeper.

So now, on our very special day,
I pray for God's blessings anew,
I thank Him each and every day,
Because, Harold, I'll always love you.

To The Man I Still Love,
After 31 Years ---
Happy Anniversary, Honey!

2003 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my own original work, and may not
be copied or used in any manner without consent.Thank you.

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