Jesus Died For All

But when Jesus heard that, He                  
said unto them, "They that are                   
whole need not a physician, but                  
they that are sick.Matthew 9:12                  

Some Christians are so quick to judge,
Like they're better, somehow;
They act just like the Pharisees,
So "holier than thou"!

They look down on many others,
And can't quite realize
Their 'righteousness' is filthy rags
In God's pure, holy eyes.

Do you see that young gang member,
Waving his stolen gun?
It was for him that Jesus died,
And for that drunken bum.

And for that thief who grabbed your purse,
And the one who stole your car;
Yes, Jesus died for ALL mankind,
No matter what they are!

For all the pushers with their dope,
That keep poor souls enslaved;
For all the hookers on the streets,
Christ wants all of them saved.

The neglected, and the homeless,
Whose hopes have grown so dim,
All those who have been rejected
Are still precious to Him.

Don't judge them, looking down your nose
At where their feet have trod;
You could be in their shoes, you know,
But for the grace of God....

So show them all our Savior's love,
And tell them of our Lord,
For to lead one soul to Jesus
Is life's sweetest reward!

2001 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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