On My Knees

Wherefore God also has highly  
exalted Him, and given him a   
name which is above every name;
That at the name of Jesus every  
knee should bow.....Phil. 2:9,10  

On my knees, that's where I met my Savior;
On my knees, all else was no avail;
On my knees, the Holy Spirit found me;
On my knees, from there I cannot fail!

On my knees, my burdens all were lifted;
On my knees, God saved me from my sin;
On my knees, He showed me grace and mercy;
On my knees, He keeps me safe with Him!

When I try to stand in my own power,
When I try to walk alone, I freeze;
I can't go for even one short hour;
I can't last unless I'm on my knees.

On my knees, the enemy can't shake me;
On my knees, my struggles start to ease;
On my knees, God gives me the sweet vict'ry;
On my knees, God gives me perfect peace.

On my knees, that's when I'm close to heaven;
On my knees, That's when I'm standing tall!
On my knees, God has His arms around me;
On my knees, That's when I cannot fall!

Some sweet day, I'll find myself in heaven;
Then at last, my Savior's face I'll see!
There I'll kneel, to humbly bow before Him;
I will worship Jesus on my knees.

( 2002 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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