A Pastor Is A Special Man

This is a true saying, If a
man desires the office of a
bishop, he desires a good 
work.      I Timothy 3:1

A Pastor is a special man,
Called to preach God's Holy Word;
He walks the path of righteousness,
And points others to the Lord.

He nurtures them and helps them grow,
To help them to be their best;
He preaches salvation to the lost,
And holy living to the rest.

He cares about their problems,
Their burdens he tries to share.
He weeps with them, and for them,
And lifts them up in prayer.

A Pastor is a very special person,
That much we know is true,
And we were very blessed by God,
To have such a Pastor as you.

Yes, a Pastor is a special man,
And so we set aside this day,
To say you are appreciated,
More than mere words can say.

Thank you for your faithfulness
In everything you do and say.
We wish you all His blessings,
Today, and every day.

2005 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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