Back To School Prayer

We come to you, Almighty God,
And pray with earnest hearts
For all our precious children,
As another school year starts.

Heavenly Father, please guide them,
Watch over them every day.
Guard them and protect them,
Lord, this is what we pray.

It's really hard to understand,
But our schools aren't always safe.
There's so much we can't control,
We must trust you, and have faith.

Help us teach our precious children
That you'll hear them when they pray,
That they can always call on you,
No matter what man might say.

For foolish men pass foolish laws
Saying children cannot pray at school,
May they know they can talk to you,
In spite of any man-made rule.

Let them sense your presence, Lord,
And know you're with them every day.
Turn their hearts and minds toward you,
That they may not go astray.

We thank you for our children, God,
These precious gifts from you.
Watch over them, and keep them safe,
Be with them their whole life through.

© 2013 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved)
This poem is my own original work, and may not be copied
or used in any way without permission. Thank you.