My Family

For whosoever shall do the
will of my Father which is
in heaven, the same is my  
brother, and sister, and   
mother.    Matthew 12:50  

(I'm feeling rather nostalgic this year, watching all
my grandchildren getting ready to go back to school.
It takes me back to my own schooldays. This is the
first poem I ever remember writing. I was 7 years old,
when I wrote it, and I won first place. Verse 3 was added
a year later, when my youngest brother was born.)

Vicki is my little sister,
Johnny is my brother,
And every time I turn around,
They're fighting with each other.

I have another brother, too,
He is so soft and sweet.
He is a roly-poly,
Because he likes to eat.

Then there's my baby brother,
He too is soft and sweet.
He's a good little baby boy,
The kind you'd like to meet.

My mother is very pretty,
My father is handsome, too.
If it wasn't for their loving care,
I don't know what we'd do.