Privacy Statement

Maintaining your privacy is very important to me. Your personal information, whether from the award application form, or from emails sent to me, will remain strictly confidential. It will never be sold, given away, and will not be used to contact you later on. I do not maintain a mailing or update list. After the initial request is finished, the application or email, and all the information contained therein, will be deleted immediately.

Note: This does NOT apply to information entered into my Guestbook as this is considered as public domain. Anyone who enters my site is able to see the information you have entered into the Guestbook. Do not enter personal information (address or phone #) into the Guestbook - I will delete it. I also reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.

There is an automated form that goes out to everyone who signs my Guestbook, and I do sometimes give a personal reply as well. However, it is not required that you enter your email address in order to sign the Guestbook.

No information will be collected from children under the age of 16 (COPPA). If I am aware that a child under the age of 16 applies for an award or contacts me, all information will be deleted immediately.