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Letting Go

We all have at difficult people in our lives that we have to deal with every day. They may be family members, or co-workers, or someone else close to us, and there is no way we can avoid them. And if we can't avoid them, don't most of us do everything we possibly can to change them? And when we fail, as we most assuredly will, we then turn crying to God, and ask Him to change this person?

We say we want God to deal with this person or that situation in our lives, and we earnestly pray about it and turn it over to God. Yet for some unknown reason, we don't seem to be content to leave it in His capable hands. We take it back. We worry about it some more, and try new solutions, and when we fail again, we return to Him in prayer, saying: "Oh, Lord, please help me with this problem! Please, Lord, I need your help!"

Can we at least listen to our own prayer? We need His help; He doesn't need ours! In fact, there is often nothing He will do in a situation until we release it completely. As long as we keep trying to fix it ourselves, He will sit back and let us wear ourselves out. And that's exactly what we do - we wear ourselves out, trying to do something we were never able to do to begin with.

Why do we think WE can change someone? Are we the Creator? Fact is, we are all God's creation, and only the Creator can change His creation.. One of the greatest lessons we can ever learn comes from what is known as the "Serenity Prayer". It teaches us:

God, Grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; The courage to change the things I can; And the wisdom to know the difference."

True wisdom, courage, and serenity only comes from God. We all need to learn to let go, and let God deal with the things that are far beyond our poor capabilities. Let it go, and let God deal with the difficult people and situations in your life.


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