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Who Is Sovereign?

Most of us who call ourselves Christians would immediately answer that the Lord is Sovereign, of course. But is that entirely accurate? Do we truly allow Him to be sovereign in our lives? Or do we try to be sovereign ourselves?

First, what do we mean by sovereign? Well, right there in the word itself is our answer. To be sovereign means to REIGN, to rule, to have authority over, to be the one who is unquestionably in control. Do we place ourselves in God's control, or do we try to do things ourselves? Continually doing things our own way means that God is not sovereign in our lives, not matter what we say.

When making our decisions, do we make it a habit to consult with God in prayer, and wait for Him to guide us? Or do we weigh our options, depending on our own reasoning and our own desires, and do whatever we think is best? Do we ever put what we want ahead of what God's word says? Are our decisions made based on other factors, such as cost, practicality, or convenience, or on the opinions of others? If we answer yes to any of these, we are not allowing God to be sovereign.

How do we react when someone wrongs us, when life throws us a curveball we weren't expecting, or when things go terribly wrong in our lives? Do we find ourselves holding on to bitterness, anger, resentment, or fear? Do we perhaps become angry with God, because He didn't intervene? Do we justify or rationalize our feelings, and allow our feelings to dictate our actions? If we do, then we are allowing our emotions to reign over us, rather than God.

Any time we give in to strong emotions, whatever they may be, we always end up sinning against God. We must either control our emotions, or they will control us. We have to learn not to give in to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but instead to submit even those to our Lord. That's why the Bible tells us to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. (II Cor. 10:5)

The fact is, if we are honest, many times we do not seek God's will. Far too often, we weigh our options according to our own logic and reasoning, and make our choice based on our own needs and wants. When we do that, we usurp God's Sovereignty. This is a sin against God, for as His children, it is His right to rule over us, and to lead and guide us according to His will.

We know that our Heavenly Father is good and holy and faithful and just; that He is kind and loving toward us, that His way is always the right way and He always wants the very best for His children. Since we know all these things, why don't we surrender all our choices to His Sovereignty, and quit trying to do it all our own way? "I Did It My Way" may have been a great song, but it's certainly not a very good way for us to live!


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