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Surrender It All

We all begin life as members of a rebellious race, fighting our own personal war against the Sovereign King of the universe. Every human being is born with a determination to run our own life, and an unwillingness to surrender to anyone else's control.

There is a difference between our initial surrender to Christ (salvation), and a lifetime of living out that surrender (sanctification). That initial surrender to Christ is not the end of the story, but was just the beginning. The initial surrender takes but a few moments, and little effort on our part. Choosing to surrender every day decisions is much more difficult.

Think about some of the things God may call you to surrender to Him. Surrendering things we enjoy, our “secret” indulgences. Surrendering our right to hold a grudge. Surrendering our right to get even. Surrendering our desire to gossip, murmur, and complain when things don’t go our way. Surrendering our “rights” is not something that comes easily or naturally to us: it is a constant battle.

Could it be that there are still some issues where you are reserving the right to control your own life? What fears do you have about fully surrendering every aspect of you live to God? What might a lifestyle of full surrender cost you?

Surrender is an act of trust. You drop your defenses, and are completely vulnerable at that moment. Think of all the things you know about the heart and ways of God that should make it easy to trust Him and relinquish control to Him.

If God has brought specific areas to your mind that are not fully surrendered to Him, ask Him to help you see these issues as He does, as you express your desire for every area of your life to be under His control. Remember that in the long run, resistance is far more costly than surrender.


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