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Switch Up

From The Mountain: This is actually the Pastor's page of a Pastor who contacted us. I was impressed with his page. Although, some will undoubtedly be upset with it, it reflects our times. Read it and see for yourself.


Over the course of several months, I've been inquiring of the Lord on the matter of men and women. The co-existing of the two seem to be increasingly difficult to say the very least. Men are becoming women and women are becoming men, but not only in the sense of homosexuality. No longer do you need to be homosexual if you are a man desiring to be woman-like; and vice-versa a woman desiring to be like a man! The roles of male and female have changed in essence spiritually, and so therefore, the conflict exists manifesting in the flesh.

More and more we see roles that have been given by God to the man being executed by a woman, and likewise the role of the woman being headed by the man, with the exception of course, having children! The man is intended to be the head, and the woman was to help him meet the responsibility given to him by God. The word of God is very clear on these roles, and we will one day have to give an account each for our God-given roles.

My job as a man of God is to warn and correct the people of the clear intent and truth of God. Never have I seen in my lifetime a complete misrepresentation of the Bible (the word of God) concerning men and women. The men aren't the leaders in the home and the church; therefore, our sons have no clear example of their roles as a man child growing into a mature man. Women are now the leaders in the home and the church, and so our sons see who, in their minds, are the examples. They naturally become what they see (more feminine)! Our daughters also become what they see their mothers or other women do in the home and church; consequently, assuming the role perpetuated to them - a more masculine role (authoritative).

In these changed roles, we have set this generation on the wrong path. God will judge the man based on his leadership and his obedience to God. The woman will be judged based upon her obedience to her husband and in childbearing; childbearing meaning "motherhood".

We must restore the role of men and women so that this generation can have a clear example of God's intent concerning male and female. This will ensure the perpetual blessing of our God towards us and them. We are now witnessing with our own eyes our sons and daughters changing roles and it's our fault! We must repent and ask the Lord to help us correct this problem.

With love and correction.
Pastor Kevin Lipsey

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