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The Curtain Was Torn

When Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice,
he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain
of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.
(Matthew 27:50-51a)

It’s as if the hands of heaven had been gripping the veil, waiting for this moment. Keep in mind the size of the curtain—sixty feet tall and thirty feet wide. One instant it was whole; the next it was ripped in two from top to bottom. No delay. No hesitation.

What did the torn curtain mean? For the Jews it meant no more barrier between them and the Holy of Holies. No more priests to go between them and God. No more animal sacrifices to atone for their sins.

And for us? What did the torn curtain signify for us? We are welcome to enter into God’s presence—any day, any time. God has removed the barrier that separates us from him. The barrier of sin? Down. He has removed the curtain.

Max Lucado

From "Blessings Of The Cross"
Copyright © 2007 by Billy Graham, Max Lucado,
Anne Graham Lotz, Stormie Omartian.


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