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What Is Your Heart Set On?

And he did evil, because he did not
set his heart to seek the LORD.
(II Chronicles 12:14)

What is your heart set on? This is an important question, because we will diligently seek those things we set our hearts on. The things in our hearts are the things we really want. No one seeks something they have not first set their heart on.

Having a relationship doesn't just happen by accident. We have relationships because our hearts are set on that person. We make them a priority in our lives. We take time and make effort to get to know them because we have set our hearts on them. We love them, and seek to please them. We want to do things to make them happy.

Having a relationship with God is no different. We must set our hearts on God, taking the time and making the effort to learn about Him, to get to know His will and His ways. It doesn't just happen automatically when we get saved; we have to learn and grow to have a thriving relationship, one that's like rivers of living water. If we aren't learning and growing, we stagnate, staying right where we are. And like stagnant water, we soon begin to stink!

Some people don't set their hearts on God enough to search out His will for them, because they think they can just keep on in their sinful ways and be good enough. Their hearts are set more on worldly things than on God. If we don't set our hearts on God, or only seek Him half-heartedly, then worldly things will autmatically consume our thought, and our actions will follow our hearts. And when we follow worldly things, it will always result in sinfulness.

Here's the thing we need to understand: no one ever has to be taught how to sin, it comes naturally to us. We are all sinners. We are born into sin in a fallen, sinful world. Sinfulness is our default position. Therefore, if we do not deliberately choose to set our hearts to seek God, it's not going to happen. We will do evil, simply because that is our human, sinful nature.

Each of us must answer this one important question for ourselves: What is my heart set on? Have I set my heart on seeking God, or on things of this world? The Apostle Paul gave us some good instruction. He said:

Since you have been raised with Christ,
set your hearts on things above, where
Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
Set your minds on things above, not on
earthy things.    (Colossians 3:1-2)



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