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Happy New Year!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and
lean not unto your own understanding. In
all your ways acknowledge him, and he
shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

As 2020 draws to a close, I think we can all agree that this has been an unprecedented year in the lives of every single one of us. None of us has ever experienced a global pandemic, none of us have ever seen a large part of our nation shut down, so many people out of work, so many small businesses closing due to the strange circumstances this covid pandemic has brought us to. We've seen our elderly quarantined and left all alone in nursing homes, dying by the dozens and hundreds and thousands, with no loved ones around them to say their final goodbyes.

We've also seen the most corruption in our own government, far beyond anything most of us can even imagine. We've witnessed what can only be called an attempted coup with our Congress trying to overthrow a duly elected president. The outcome of the 2020 election is yet to be determined and has been filled with corruption that equals that of any third-world dictator.

As we think about these things, depression and anxiety can overwhelm us. What will 2021 hold? What if I get Covid 19? Will this new vaccine protect us and our loved ones? Will our small businesses re-open, or do we face catastrophic financial ruin? Will our lives ever get back to normal?

I am so thankful to have the assurance from God's own word that He will never leave us or abandon us. (Heb. 3:15) The assurance that no matter what is going on in the world around me, He is still Sovereign, and nothing happens that is beyond His control. (Psalms 96:10; Daniel 2:20-22) The assurance that He will take care of me and provide all my needs if I trust in Him. (Philippians 4:19) The assurance that He will eventually work out all things for my good, because I am His beloved child. (Romans 8:28) The assurance of knowing that even if I succumb to this terrible virus plaguing our world, I will have eternal life with Him in glory. (John 3:16)

There are so many promises of God to us, for just exactly troubled times like these. We do not have to live in fear, but instead can safely trust in His word, because He loved us long before we ever loved Him. (I John 4:18-19) He loved us and redeemed us when we were dead in our sins, and did not even know Him. (Ephesians 2:4-7)

As this year draws to an end, it's a time for new beginnings but remember, you cannot have a new beginning if you don't let go of the old! Let go of fear, worry and anxiety, and place your faith and trust in the Lord. If you have never received the gift of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to settle that issue once and for all.

Sounds too simple, doesn't it? All it takes is simply FAITH! Faith that Jesus is who the Bible says He is, and did what the Bible says He did. Faith that He will do what the Bible says He will do. Faith that He can lead us through all the trials and troubles of this world. and faith that He alone holds the key to eternal life. Faith that no matter what is going on in this world, God is Sovereign over all, and is in complete control. Faith in Jesus Christ is all it takes.

May 2021 be a year that our faith in Jesus Christ grows stronger and deeper than ever before. May we all learn to trust Him completely and to believe with all our hearts. May we walk into the new year with the joy and strength that only He can give. May 2021 be a blessed, healthy, and happy year for us all!



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