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What Shape Are You ?

God uniquely shaped you to fulfill a unique purpose on earth - to make a unique contribution.

No two people have the exact same SHAPE. God has made you unique, and He has unique ways He wants you to serve other people.

Here's what makes up your SHAPE:

  • Spiritual gifts: When you become a Christian, God gives you special abilities so you can better serve others.
  • Heart: You have passions - things you enjoy doing.
  • Abilities: From birth, God has given you natural abilities - anything from athletics, to art, to accounting.
  • Personality: Some people are introverts; others are extroverted. Some people love to plan everything; others work best at the last minute.
  • Experiences: God uses your experiences - family, education, occupation, emotions, and more - to allow you to help others.
God calls every Christian to be in ministry. You can use whatever you're good at - and all the unique ways God has SHAPEd you - to minister to others.


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