What The Children Heard

We all know that children and adults don't look at the world the same way. Well, it seems they don't HEAR the same, either. You're sure to get a chuckle out of some of these favorite old Christmas carols, as sung by the children:

  • "On the first day of Christmas, my tulip gave to me a partly gingerbread tree..."

  • "Later on, we'll perspire, as we drink by the fire...."

  • "He's making a list, chicken and rice...."

  • "Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel;
        Barney's the King of Israel...."

  • "Felice never died, Felice never died..."

  • "Olive, the other reindeer...."

  • "Sleep in heavenly peas......"

  • "In the meadow we can build a snowman,
         And pretend that he is parched and brown...."

  • "Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
        The little Lord Jesus laid down his swing set..."

  • "You'll go down in Listerine..."

  • "Oh come, froggy faithful..."

  • "Oh what fun it is to ride with
         one horse, soap, and hay...."

  • "Round young birds in mother and child...."

  • "As shepherds washed their socks by night...

And, a new one added this year by my very own grandson (age 5):

"Four college birds,
   three french hens,
      two purple doves,
         and a partridge in a pear tree"



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