In Loving Memory of Baby Brandon

Precious baby, tiny and sweet,
We never even got to meet.
Your tiny body perfectly formed,
Never had the chance to be born.

A girl or a boy? We never knew,
But either one, we already loved you.
We never saw your baby charms,
Never got to hold you in our arms.

We never saw your hands and feet,
Never got to kiss your lips so sweet.
Though we never saw your precious face,
In our hearts you have a special place.

You were wanted, and you were loved,
But you now rest with the angels above,
Only God alone knows the reason why,
And we trust in Him, even as we cry,

Because we know that someday, we’ll get to see
The baby you were meant to be.
In heaven above, by God’s great grace,
We’ll finally get to see your face.

We’ll watch you as you grow and play,
When we also get to heaven one day.
Until then, sweet baby, you’re safe from harm,
As you wait for us there, in God’s loving arms.

Love, Grandma
© 2013 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved)



Just a few days before Christmas 2012, we experienced the loss of a much wanted addition to our family when our daughter-in-law suffered a miscarriage. She & our son had been praying for several years to have another baby, and it looked like their prayers were finally answered. Our hearts break for their loss, and ours. We found out later they would have had a little girl.

We can never understand why God allows such things to happen, yet we trust in God's great love even in the midst of our sorrow, for we know that God is good, all the time.

This poem is my original work, and was written especially for Rob & Kelly. Please do not copy or reproduce this poem in any manner. Thank you.