In Loving Memory of My Dear Mother-In-Law,
Mary Katherine Brandon
November 21, 1920 - October 24, 1996


You placed your life on hold to make sure I had a great one;
You loved and cared for me, and never tried to run.
All of your plans and goals took a backseat for my sake,
You gave your very best to make sure I was safe;
Often when I stepped out of line, you never spared the rod,
You even reminded me how you hurt when I was bad.
You knew what I was thinking before I opened my mouth,
You trained me to be courteous and never learned to pout.

I grew with a right character, the Bible was our guide,
You asked the blessed Savior, to keep us by His side.
You never fuss or complained, when things were going bad,
I often heard you praying, and giving thanks for all we had.
I know the days weren't easy, times were really hard;
And whatever God provided; you to the neighbors shared.
Often food was scarce, but you made sure I was fed,
Some brackish lemonade, even a tiny piece of bread.

You'd warn us never to complain, to be thankful for all we had,
For there were many others who had it just as bad.
When I sick and hurting, you knelt beside my bed,
You'd pray all night for me, and wipe the sweat from off my head.
There were times you'd walk barefooted, to give a pair of shoes,
To a neighbor or a stranger who was worse off than you;
And now I am all grown up and have kids of my own,
I hope I would be able, to sow the seeds you've sown.

I've learned to give the very best, to others who have a need,
And to teach my little ones to sow a fruitful seed.
Mom, I am really thankful for the way that I was trained,
To give thanks through every storm,
for there comes sunshine after rain.
Dearest Father up in heaven, I pray You'll keep my mom,
Right close beside you, through this trying storm.
And if it is Your precious will, for her to walk this road,
Please, I beg of You, lighten her heavy load.
And when this life is over, may she rest upon your breast,
And in Your precious presence, find sweet and peaceful rest.

Alexis K. Browning 2009. All rights Reserved.

My special thanks to my friend Alexis
for the use of her beautiful poem "For My Mother",
as well as for these beautiful graphics.
She truly is a "Classique Lady"!
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