To Our Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister,
Grandmother, Aunt, And Friend

The angels are hovering around you,
Ready to take you home,
To be with our Lord and Savior,
Where you'll never be alone.

Never again will you be unhappy,
Never again will you be sad,
Never again will you feel pain or anguish,
Never again will you feel bad.

Joy and peace await you,
And so much love you'll behold,
You'll always be taken care of,
In your Savior's loving fold.

Oh, how we'll always miss you,
Your beautiful face, your pretty smile,
And if it be our Savior's pleasure,
We'll see you again in a little while.

From Your Loving Family

by Margie L. Pfeiffer; All rights reserved.
The poem was written by my beautiful mother, Margie L. Pfeiffer,
in honor of her sister, Carol Sue.