The Gift

For the wages of sin
is death; but the gift
of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Rom. 6:23

There's a gift that I've been given,
One which you can also receive;
A gift so precious and special,
A gift that is hard to believe.

A gift that no human could offer,
A gift of supreme sacrifice,
Requiring so perfect a Savior,
That only God's Son would suffice.

God's gift of salvation was given,
Like one on a silver platter;
Nothing I ever did deserved it,
Nothing I could ever do would matter.

No, this gift was freely given,
Rich with God's mercy so sweet.
Through it I am cleansed and forgiven,
Through it I'm made whole and complete.

Other gifts I've received are all passing-
They come and go, like the tide.
But THIS gift is life, everlasting,
The Holy Spirit in me does abide.

If you have not yet received it,
My dear friend, I'm begging of you:
All you have to do is believe it,
And this gift will be given to you!

That's right! You, too, can receive it,
This gift that's most perfect of all!
It's waiting whenever you're ready,
When on His dear name you will call!

And then, when you have received it,
Don't keep it for only yourself;
This gift becomes even more precious
When you share it with somebody else!

2004 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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