9 The Mouth Is A Mighty Sword

The Mouth Is A Mighty Sword

Out of the same mouth comes
both blessing and cursing. My
brothers, these things ought  
not to be so.   James 3:10   

The mouth can be a mighty sword,
That cuts straight to the heart;
Inflicting many deadly wounds,
And tearing so many people apart.

When we have done the hurting,
We know what we have to do:
Ask for the other one's forgiveness,
And ask God to forgive us, too.

And if we're the one that's been hurt,
Then we have a choice to make:
We can choose to forgive and forget,
If only for Christ's dear sake;

Or we can choose to keep repeating
The words and deeds that hurt us so,
By telling them to many others,
So the wounds continue to grow......

For every time we tell the story,
It makes it fresh in our minds again,
The wounds will never heal that way,
We continue to feel the pain.

Instead, tell our Heavenly Father,
Who cares about how we're feeling,
For you know He is the only one,
Whose love can bring us healing.

We can choose to bring our hurts
Right to the gates of heaven.
Bring it to our Loving Father
And let it be healed and forgiven.

For you'll never forgive another
More than God has forgiven you;
So bring all your hurts to the Father,
Let Him make you like brand new.

© 2004 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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