Image By Dark Blue Knight


To My Wonderful Son, Robert

Sometimes, when you aren't looking,
I watch you from afar-
And think to myself, with motherly pride,
What a fine young man you are!

In oh, so many little ways,
So much like your Dad you've grown-
You have so much of his character,
But with a strength that's all your own.

You have his pride---too much, perhaps,
And a heart both tender and true;
You give of yourself so generously
That others take advantage of you.

You've got a lively sense of humor,
Quick wit, and a ready smile---
And a basic, inborn honesty,
Without deceit and guile.

Your face is strong and handsome,
You'll succeed in whatever you plan;
You have so much to offer---
You've become a fine young man!

One day you'll meet a special girl,
And have so much to look forward to;
And believe me, she'll be thankful,
For a fine young man like you!


2009 by Kathryn Brandon. All rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not
be used in any manner without consent. Thank you.