I Saw The Sinner

Judge not, and ye shall 
not be judged: condemn
not, and ye shall not be  
condemned: forgive, and
ye shall be forgiven.   
Luke 6:37

One day, at church, I told my friend,
"You see who just came in?
She shouldn't even be here---
Her life's so full of sin!"

"She drinks a lot, and runs around,
And dates a lot of men,
She shouldn't darken these church doors,
With a life so full of sin!"

"And you see our choir director?
She got fired from her job last year----
They say she stole some money,
So what's she doing here?"

"And look, right there, at Mr. Smith,
He's having an affair;
How could he sit there in that pew,
I wonder that he'd dare!"

"And old man Brown, why, he's here, too---
He's such an onery cuss!
So full of sin, that old man is,
He should not be here, with us."

Yes, I saw all these sinners,
As I sat there, piously;
Suddenly, my eyes were opened,
I saw the sinner, and it was ME!

The Holy Spirit shined His light,
So that I could plainly see;
And I could only bow and cry,
For the sinner here was me!

Outside, I showed no speck of sin,
Like the old time Pharisees,
But the Holy Spirit looked within,
Where no human ever sees.

God's Holy Spirit showed me that
My heart was full of pride;
Then I was sorry, and ashamed,
But I found no place to hide.

Some people only go to church,
To be seen, and to see.
But I never will forget the day
I saw the sinner, and it was ME!

© 2003 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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