A Tale Of Two Friends

While it is said, To day if
ye will hear his voice, do
not harden your hearts...

Two friends were driving home one night,
In dark and stormy weather;
Their car skidded, and went off the road,
And so they died together.

One of these friends was a Christian,
He came to Christ last year;
The other friend scorned salvation,
He mocked, and refused to hear.

Now suddenly, they found themselves
Outside the Pearly Gate;
The Christian heard,"Welcome home, my child!"
His friend was told,"No, wait......"

"Your name's not in the Book Of Life,
Of all who accepted Christ.
Who took Him as their Lord and Savior,
And accepted His sacrifice...."

"Your friend told you about the Lord,
And begged you to recieve;
He warned you that this day would come,
But you would not believe."

This friend cried out, "Oh help me, Lord!
Now I believe, with all my heart!
Everything my friend told me is true!
I should have listened from the start!"

But, alas! He heard these awful words,
"You've choosen your own fate.
You wouldn't heed God's Holy Word,
And now it is too late!"

"You refused to turn to Jesus Christ,
To repent of all your sin,
So, now you find that it's too late---
Heaven you can't enter in."

To all my friends I love so dear,
Please listen to this story;
The time to make your choice is NOW,
To live with Christ, in glory.

I'm begging you: come to Jesus,
Oh, dear friends, please don't wait!
We never know when our time will end,
And it will be too late.

2003 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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