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I Want To Be Ready

Watch therefore, for you know neither
the day nor the hour in which the Son
of man comes. (Matthew 25:13)

Lord, I want to be ready when You come,
To take us to our heavenly home;
I'll watch and I'll pray,
Till that wonderful day,
Lord, I want to be ready when You come!

When that blessed day finally appears,
And You gather Your church, far and near,
May my candle burn bright,
With Your glorious light,
When that blessed day finally appears!

When You return for for Your bride,
For whom You were crucified,
I'll be ready and waiting,
For I'm anticipating
When You return for Your bride.

Jesus, I belong only to You,
Your blood has made me brand new,
You cleansed all my sin,
Gave me peace deep within
Jesus, I belong only to You.

I'm so grateful for Your tender love,
I can never thank You enough,
Nothing can ever replace
Your redeeming grace
I thank You for Your tender love!

I'm Yours now, and forevermore,
Here on earth, and on that bright shore,
I will serve You each day,
Till You take me away,
I'm Yours, now and forevermore!

2017 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
This poem is my own original work, and may not be copied
or used in any manner without permission. Thank you.


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