When life's worst storms are over,
The skies once again are blue,
Everything is fresh and clean,
God once more brought us through.

This is God's promise to us,
And His word never fails,
He will always be beside us
Through all life's stormy gales.

However bad the storm may be,
It must always surely pass,
Then we'll see the sunshine,
When the storm is done at last.

The dawning of a fresh new day,
Shows that God is with us still,
Giving us another chance
To learn and to do His will.

Life's storms are there to teach us,
To trust Him, come what may,
And know that He is with us,
Whatever may come our way.

So place your faith and trust in Him,
Even as the storm clouds form,
It won't be long, and then you'll see
There's sunshine after the storm.

2022 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.