Take It From Me

I've followed many wicked paths,
Walked too many sinful ways,
So now I bear the guilt and shame,
That will haunt me all my days.

Where are all my sinful friends now?
Who laughed, and said sin was“fun”.
As soon as my paths led to trouble,
They all abandoned me, every one.

This type of life is a foolish one,
As I've learned to shame and sorrow;
It promises good times and freedom,
But instead steals joy from tomorrow.

Oh yes, the Lord forgave me,
And cleansed me from all my sin,
By the precious blood of Jesus,
Thank God, I know I'm born again!

But that doesn't wipe away memories,
Or the consequences of my past,
The choices that I made way back then,
Have results that last and last.

And it doesn't remove temptations,
I may have never had to face,
If only I had taken a different path,
Instead of one that led me to this place.

Yes, my sins are all forgiven,
And one day, in the sweet by and by,
My Lord will welcome me home at last,
And dry every tear from my eye.

Take it from me, as one who knows,
Submit your life wholly to God,
Or you'll live with deep regret, like me,
For all these sinful paths I've trod.

© 2022 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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