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I thank you, Heavenly Father,
To see the dawn of this New Year,
Iím so glad to have a fresh, clean start,
And to know Youíre always near.

Last year brought many challenges,
Yet You were with me all the way,
You proved to me a thousand times,
I can trust You, come what may.

Iím so thankful that Youíve shown me,
That whatever this year might bring,
You are always in complete control
And with You, I can face anything.

I know nothing will ever touch my life,
Thatís not part of Your Divine plan;
Each circumstance, whether good or bad,
Is still subject to Your command.

Iím so thankful for Your tender love,
For Your grace and mercy, too,
Whatever this new year may bring,
I now fully entrust it to You.

But, Father, I pray for Your blessings,
For myself, and those I hold dear,
Be with us each and every day,
Through this wonderful New Year!

© 2020 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.


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Sapphire Designs 2019