Part ONE (circa 1950)

But every man is tempted,  
when he is drawn away of  
his own lust, and enticed.   
Then when lust has conceived,
it brings forth sin, and sin,  
when it is finished,brings   
forth death.   James 1:14,15

The devil once said to his demons below:
"Our work is progressing entirely too slow.
The holiness people now stand in our way---
They do not believe in the way that we play.
They teach that drinking and smoking are wrong;
That Christians don't mess with the ungodly throng;
They claim that these things are all of the devil;
That Christian folks live on a much higher level."

"Now, fellows, their theology, while perfectly true,
Is blocking the work we are trying to do.
We will have to get busy and figure a plan,
That will change their standards as fast as we can.
Now I have a vision of just what we can do:
Hearken, I'll tell this deception to you;
There's nothing so real as the things that you see;
The eyes and the mind and the heart will agree;
So what can be better than an object to view?
I say it will work and convince not a few."

"The home is the place for this sinful device,
The people deceived will think it quite nice.
The world will possess it; most Christians can't tell
That it's all of the devil and plotted in hell!
We'll sell them with pictures of the latest news.
And while they're still watching, we'll advertise booze!
At first it will shock them; they'll seem in a daze,
But soon they'll be hardened and continue to gaze.
They'll take in the ads with the latest of fashions,
And soon watch the shows that will stir evil passions.
Murder and love-making scenes they'll behold,
Till their poor wretched souls will be utterly cold."

"Divorce will increase, sex crimes will abound;
Much innocent blood will be spilled on the ground.
The home will be damned in short order I say,
When this vision of mine comes in to stay.
Get busy, my cohorts, and put this thing out;
We'll see if the church can continue to shout.
We'll cover the earth with this devil vision.
Then we'll camouflage it with the name television."


Part TWO
(40 years later)

For out of the heart comes
evil thoughts, murders,  
adulteries, fornications,
thefts, false witness,    
blasphemies: These are the
things which defile a man...
Matthew 15:18,19  

"Now in this new age of high-tech and science.
My plan has unfolded to increase man's defiance.
I'll go one step further and ravage their souls,
With the filthiest garbage the world even knows.
Perversion will flourish, depravity abound;
As the Christians go on - with hardly a sound.
They will crave it, consume it, and secretly fall,
As God watches on, and I laugh at them all."

"Their families will suffer; their marriages die;
As the kids sneak upstairs to lust and then lie.
The men, oh the husbands - will be pressured, no doubt,
From sins they'll imagine and long to act out.
The wives will cry loudly as I wreck their homes;
I'll steal all that's precious, and savor their moans."

"God will look down at this pitiful sight,
And say, "Why did my children not walk in the light?"
He'll wonder no doubt, that great God above,
Why His children seek evil and reject all His love.
It's almost too easy! And what a great shame,
That even God's people won't honor His name."

"I'm evil, I know it, as they should quite well;
But these fools, they're so stupid to dabble in Hell!
Hypocrisy, I cherish! It gives me the chills
To see Christians pray --- and then run for my thrills!
Never give up, my demons, we'll target them all!
I'll show the whole world that they'll stumble and fall."

"My desires are clear, and your orders are set.
Go after them now! Fill each one with regret!
So be off, brilliant vipers, get busy right now!
I demand you to go! To deceive you must vow!
Computers and TV's --- all that, and much more;
Work faster, my demons - before God shuts the door!"


(present time)

Choose you this day whom
you will serve; but as for
me and my house, we will
serve the Lord. Jos. 24:15

"Again will I speak. My demons now hear:
Our darkness is spreading - our victory near!
From Hell's deepest pit to their living room box,
My vileness is creeping. Let their consciences rot!
On premium channels, at night after ten,
After seeing my filth again and again,
They're ready for more, and it's time we bring out
Our most deviant spirits - too many to count!"

Lesbian lovers filling the screen;
Looking so normal - that's how it will seem.
Gay men in romps - they'll see men using men,
Till their hearts fill with lust when they look at a friend.
"My reprobate nature in their lives I can see!
My demons, my demons, your work pleases me!
Diseases and scandal, and homes torn apart;
Where His Spirit once reigned, I've now captured their heart."

"What's even more vicious is what we can teach
To the littlest young ones, with a remote in their reach.
MTV lures the teens to my world in a hurry,
And we start them out right, profaning His glory!
I can show them my evil on the Web and TV;
They'll see black as if white, and think God looks like me!"

"It's great to have HBO, and Cinemax as well;
Those gold-covered sewer pipes - gushing out Hell!
Sick? Yes, I know. But tonight filth will air,
And millions will watch! Why should they even care?
They don't realize that they're in my control
They're too stupid to know that I'm stealing their soul!"


"Yes, America's crumbling, right from within;
Your families are dying; they're drowning in sin.
I'm Satan - I did it! My demons know well;
I've been plotting and scheming - exporting our Hell.
You better wake up and get back in line,
On the straight and the narrow that God had in mind.
Your life's but a vapor! The Word makes that clear.
I'm taking it from you, with all you hold dear!
Hey, is it working? Are my lies catching on?
I knew you'd believe me. It's worked all along!
It's all up to you. You'll get what you deserve.
Will it be me, or your God? Which one will you serve?"


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