Pink Lovely

Other Poetry

These are some wonderful poems I've collected over the years. Some were
from magazines, church newsletters, bulletins, etc; others were emails I
have received. I have tried to identify the author whenever possible. They
each touch my heart in a very special way, and I hope they will yours, too!
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    A Veteran's Prayer    

    The Story Of The Poppy    

    One Thousand Men Are Walking    

    A Poem By Martin Luther    

He Makes No Mistakes

The King Is Coming

The Prayer Of Cyrus Brown

When Jesus Comes

A Tree That Only God Could Make

Freedom Flies In Your Heart
Like An Eagle

The Crosses Grow On Anzio

In Memoriam

I Chose To Look The Other Way

What Christmas Means To God

What Do You Want For Christmas?

The Spirit Of Christmas

For You At Christmas

I Fashioned You

Baby Shoes

Life In Black And White

Highway 109

You Can't Repay Your Mother

A Mother's Love Is Forever

Giants Still Fall Down

Amazing And So Wonderful

God's Wonderful Gift

The Bible And The TV Guide

The Winning Of A Soul

A Veteran Died Today

Power Of Prayer

Catch a Glimpse Of God

Goodnight, God

Good Morning, God

The Old Paths

Valentine's Day With Jesus

1st Corinthians 13-
Christmas Version

Was He?

The Christ Of Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus

A Different "Night
Before Christmas"

A Church Where There
Aren't Any Walls

When Jesus Comes

Follow Your Dreams

The Sands Of Christmas

A Tribute To Our Troops

Love Grows

Hello, God

Angels Unawares

I Went To Church One Day

He's Coming Again


Let Them See You In Me

The Roses Of Life

Hold Them A Little Closer

I Said A Prayer For You Today

I May Not See Tomorrow

The Passion

A Baby's Plea

Freedom Isn't Free

Thank You, Lord

The Rose

You Ask Why?

The True Gift

The Cold Within

Heaven's Special Child

America, The Beautiful

When I Am An Old Woman

No Time

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Ten Little Christians

Living Like We Pray

If I Knew There'd Be No Tomorrow

The Ten Commandments, In Verse

The New Student Prayer

High Flight

A Christmas Stranger

Happy Thanksgiving!

When I Say I am A Christian

The Devil's Vision

The World Is Mine

Church Is Finally Over

Living Your Dash

At Day's End

God's Flower Garden

The Difference

What Kind Of Father Are You?

Just Four Years Old

Mary Had A Little Boy

Sunshine And Rain

The Night Before Jesus Came

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