The Desire

Lo, children are an heritage of
the Lord, and the fruit of the
womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3

Give me no mansions ivory white,
Nor palaces of pearl and gold;
Give me a child of all delight,
Just four years old.

Give me no wings of rosy shine,
Nor snowy rainment, fold on fold;
Give me a little boy all mine,
Just four years old.

Give me no gold and starry crown,
Nor harps, nor palm branches unrolled;
Give me a nestling head of brown,
Just four years old.

Give me a cheek that's like the peach,
Two arms to clasp me from the cold;
And all my heaven's within my reach,
Just four years old.

Dear God, you gave me from your skies
A little paradise to hold,
As Mary once held her Paradise,
Just four years old.

Katharine Tynan,
Ireland, 1861-???

I found this beautiful poem in a book of poetry dated 1927,
and just loved the way it expresses a mother's love for her
child. Having been blessed with two adorable little boys, as
well as one darling daughter, who are all grown now, this poem
touched my heart, and I hope it has yours, as well. May God
bless and protect our children and grandchildren.

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