Valentines Day With Jesus

For the wages of sin
is death; but the gift
of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Rom. 6:23

Jesus does not send perfume,
To linger in the air;
Instead He sends salvation sweet,
To show how much He cares.

He doesn't bring me candy hearts,
In boxes of delight;
Instead He always lets me know
I'm precious in His sight.

He doesn't send out pretty cards,
Trimmed in shades of red;
Instead He gave His life for me,
His precious blood was shed.

He doesn't hand out fancy gifts,
Like we would send to mother;
Instead He sends a message clear,
To always love each other.

He doesn't give me teddy bears,
That whimper, please be mine;
Instead He gave His heart to me -
I wear it all the time.

He doesn't give me roses, pink,
For all the world to see;
Instead He gave eternal life.
That's good enough for me!

~ 2003 by Marilyn Ferguson; all rights reserved ~

               For God so lo V ed the world,
                That He g A ve
                      His on L y
                      Begott E n
                             So N
                                  T hat whosoever
                  Believeth I n Him
                     Should N ot perish,
                  But have E verlasting life."
                                        John 3:16

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The author of this beautiful poem is Marilyn Ferguson,
and I thank her for permission to use her lovely poem here.