I Fashioned You

Where will I ever put you
To keep you safe from harm?
I need a place of tenderness
To develop all your charm.

I fashioned you to be like me,
So very special, can't you see?
Your life has just begun, my child,
The best is yet to be.

I'll place you in your mother's womb,
It's the safest place I know,
There it's nice and warm, and
You'll have the chance to grow.

I see your hands so tiny,
And your feet so very small,
But you and all those like you
Are a wonder to us all.

People stand in awe when
They see your pretty face,
Clothed in all my majesty,
My beauty and my grace.

I'll tend to you and watch you grow,
And give you all you need,
But for now you're just my little one,
My precious little seed.

With my help, someday you'll be
Even taller than your dad.
And so many wonderful things for you
Are waiting, just ahead.

Relax, and grow, my pretty one,
Soon your countenace we'll see.
After all, as I said before,
You're fashioned just like me!

Author: Frankie Steele
Used with permission.