Many things in this old world are so corrupt today,
With prisons overflowing, and children gone astray.
The word of God is quite taboo, it brings our country shame;
To seek Him in a public place, we dare not speak His name.

He won’t be found in classrooms, it would be found a sin
To let our small ones gather round, and offer praise to Him.
They’ve taken God from every book, and from our government
The laws that made our country strong are crooked, vile and bent.

I only pray, it’s not too late to turn it all around;
Etch the Bible in the hearts of everyone in town.
For if we wait and tarry on, and go about our way
God will finally shout “enough”, The trumpet then will play.

We will not find sweet mercy, when we look to Him for grace
We will not see contentment, when we gaze upon His face.
We’ll know His wrath and fury, with our backs against the wall
He’ll say, “I never knew you.” The curtain then will fall.

2004 Marilyn Ferguson~

The Decline Of America

Note: This was originally posted 10 years ago, in 2005.
It was updated 7/18/2015.

Pretty much everyone agrees that this country has become morally, as well as economically, bankrupt. Like our economic crisis, this moral decay didn't happen overnight. In fact, it has been part of a deliberate, step-by-step plan, imposed a little bit at a time. And just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so the moral decline of a nation begins with one step. You do not get from point "A" to point "Z" without a lot of little steps in between.

Here then are some of the major steps, taken over the past 90 years, that have led us to where we are today.

1920 - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
was formed. Straying far from its original agenda of protecting civil liberties and civil rights, The ACLU has instead become a left-wing organization who use the courts to subvert the Constitution. The ACLU started out in 1915 as an anti-war group called the American Union Against Militarism, a movement whose members were mostly Marxists, anarchists and immigrants. It then became the National Civil Liberties Bureau (NCLB), and had very close ties to the Communist Party. It is certainly reasonable to call them, as did President Theodore Roosevelt, “enemies within”. Using activist courts and extremist policies, the ACLU is one of the greatest threats to the United States.

1925 -Scopes' "Monkey Trial"
The infamous trial removes fundamentalism from public discourse, and gives rise to the teaching of evolution as the origin of man, rather than Divine design. The theory of evolution has long since been discredited by those within the scientific community who now have more facts and knowledge available to them. Yet this disgrace has become so dominant that daring to question the validity of Darwin's theory results in outrage and slanderous attacks against all fundamentalist teachings. First taught as an alternative to fundamentalism, it has now completely replaced Creationism in our public schools today.

1933 - The Humanist Maifesto
is written, rejecting religious beliefs and teachings and denying the presence and power of God, or any supernatural being. It was upheld and added to in 1973 by the Humanist Manifesto II, which also supported such controversial issues as abortion on demand. Two of the most often quoted lines from the 1973 Manifesto are, "No deity will save us; we must save ourselves," and "We are responsible for what we are and for what we will be." Obviously, statements such as these offend all Christians and theists, as they deny the creation, care, and influence of a Divine Creator. Humanists have long been determined to remove any sort of doctinal teaching apart from their own in our public schools, from pre-kindergarten to college. That they have succeeded in doing so is evident in virtually every school in America.

1940 - Planned Parenthood
was formed by Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood's own actions and their published agenda show that it is one of the most vile, harmful organizations in our society, promoting dangerous illicit sexual activities among teens, and actively aiding child molesters by deliberately concealing their crimes. It is interesting that PP began with a eugenistic vision, to create a “pure race” by discouraging breeding of “inferior peoples”. It is also important to note that PP is the largest abortion provider in the United States.

UPDATE: In 2011, one multi-million dollar abortion business run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell was closed after one of his patients died. It has been proven repeatedly that these clinics are not required to maintain even a semblence of a true "Medical" facility: no regulations regarding sanitation, absolutely no reporting requirements, no access to emergency equipment or medications. This butcher preyed on the predominately poor black women in his own community, Philadelphia. Transcripts of his trial showed his wanton disregard for the tiny bodies he tortured and killed by severing the spinal cords after the babies were born alive, even going so far as to joke that some of these babies were big enough to walk around. After performing hundreds of late term abortions, he was finally convicted in 2013 of only three counts of murder, and one count of involuntary manslaughter. He is only one of many, many abortionists performing late term abortions.

UPDATE 2015: This past week videos have come to light showing a high ranking Planned Parenthood official, Deborah Nucatola, brazenly discussing over lunch the sale of fetal body parts from the horrible death camps of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, even though the harvesting and sale of human tissue and organs is illegal. What's even worse, she describes how she herself often alters the abortion procedure, killing the baby in an even more torturous manner so as to obtain better "specimens" to sell. She graphically describes how she alters the horrific procedure to obtain healthy hearts, brains, lungs, livers, and other parts. In the videos, she says the calvarium (head) is the hardest to harvest intact, and describes how she kills the baby to keep from crushing the skull. Other PP officials have tried to spin it in various ways, claiming that these body parts are "donated" by the women having the abortions, for "medical research", and that they are only reimbursed for their "expenses" in obtaining the specimens. Tell me, how can one justify donating the remains of an infant one has just killed? And how cold-blooded does one have to be to purposely torture and mutilate a tiny, defenseless baby for so called "medical research"? Excuse me, isn't that what the Nazi's called what they did: medical research? The national news media has pretty much ignored the story, because they are almost entirely left wing liberals firmly committed to supporting these death camps run by Planned Parenthood and other unscrupulous abortionists. And our tax dollars support Planned Parenthood, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars annually. In 2013, for instance, PP receive $540.6 million dollars in tax-payer funded grants.

But this harvesting of fetal body parts is nothing new, folks. It has been going on for a long, long time. I posted a piece on this website 10 years ago, originally entitled "Barbarians In The Abortion Industry". The article is a true interview with an abortion provider. You can read it here: Barbarians In The Abortion Industry: An Interview With An Abortion Procurment Assistant

1946 - Dr. Benjamin Spock
published his book "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care", which instantly became a bestseller. Spock, who was called the "father of permissiveness" by Vice President Spiro Agnew, ushered in the era of permissive parenting, promoting instant gratification and little or no discipline. Certainly physical punishment (spanking) was considered to be abuse, and parents who spanked were viewed as out of control bullies, using violence to control their children. The negative results of that permissiveness are more than obvious today. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was quoted as saying that society is now "paying the price" of following Dr. Spock's plan of “instant gratification."

1948 - Alfred Kinsey
publishes his widely acclaimed report on sexual behavior in the human male. Although it was later revealed that his research was all done on sexual predators in prisons, the Kinsey Report was, and still is, considered to be the “standard” of human sexuality. The vile perversions from the minds of these convicted sexual predators and child molesters became the supposed “normal” standard of human sexuality.

1953 - Hugh Hefner
launches Playboy magazine, and women are no longer viewed as sweethearts, wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters to be cherished and protected, but instead are demoted to sex objects to be ogled and lusted after. The airbrushed pictures found within these magazines become fantasies feeding the lusts of every man who view them. They also set unrealistic and unattainable standards of feminine beauty and sexuality that women must now compete with.

1960 - The birth control pill
is introduced, making contraception easy and affordable. Planned Parenthood immediately jumped on the bandwagon, claiming women’s reproductive rights were their own business, and dispensing birth control pills free of charge to women and girls without spousal or parental knowledge or consent. Since it is now seen as the prerogative of women to choose whether and when to have a child, it is now but a small step to a woman’s “right to choose” to end an unwanted pregnancy by abortion.

1963 - The U.S. Supreme Court
handed down the controversial ruling that prayer or reading of Scripture in public schools is unconstitutional. The guiding force leading up to this decision was Madalyn Murray O'Hair, a woman named by Life magazine in 1964 as "the most hated woman in America." Ms. O'Hair was the founder of an organization called American Atheists, which she presided over, either openly or behind-the-scenes, for 32 years, until her murder in 1995.

1964 - SIECUS (Sexuality Information And Education Council Of the United States)
is founded by Dr. Mary Calderone. SIECUS promoted sex education in public schools, educating youngsters to allow them to freely explore their own sexuality in any manner they may choose. In 1977, Time Magazine feautured an article, “Cradle-to-Grave Intimacy,” quoting Mary Calderone, who previously served as director of Planned Parenthood, saying that a child has a fundamental right “to know about sexuality and to be sexual”. Encouraging the sexuality of children was a primary goal to Calderone. She, and others like her, adopted the warped philosophy that children are sexual from birth, and saw no reason to restrict the sexual behaviors in, or with, children. Today, the goal of SIECUS is three-fold: actively oppose programs that try to teach abstinence to teenagers, encourage childhood sexuality, and force acceptance of the homosexual agenda, especially as it relates to students.

1969 - the Stonewall Inn riots
usher in the "Gay Rights" movement. Stonewall Inn, a homsosexual bar, is the scene of a series of violent demonstrations against police raids of the bar. One year later, the first Gay Pride marches took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco commemorating the anniversary of the riots. Today Gay Pride events are held annually throughout the world toward the end of June to mark the Stonewall riots. The rock concert Woodstock and outlaw groups like the Hell’s Angels promote an anti-establishment lifestyle of “Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll”.

1970 - "No-fault" divorce
became a reality in the United States. The movement toward no-fault divorce was started by lawyers and judges who objected to the legal fictions used by plaintiffs to bypass statutory requirements for divorce. Prior to the no-fault divorce revolution, a divorce could be obtained only through a showing of fault of one of the parties in a marriage. This was something more than not loving one another; it meant that one spouse had to plead that the other had committed adultery, abandonment, felony, or other similarly contemptable acts.

1972 - The movie Deep Throat
is produced by members of the Colombo Mafia family, feeding perverted fantasies with acts of oral sex that are still illegal in many states. Woman are increasingly pressured by boyfriends and husbands to perform such acts on demand. Today, the younger generation doesn't even consider these acts as sex, partly due to the widely publicized marital affairs of former President Bill Clinton, who appeared unable to determine what actually constitutes "sex". In addition, groups like Planned Parenthood encouage the practice of oral sex as a "safe" alternative to intercourse.

1972 - National Coalition of Gay Organizations
adopt a “Gay Rights” platform that included this demand: “Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” Although most practicing homosexuals deny the link between homosexuality and pedophilia, the facts speak for themselves. Emerging from the Gay Rights movement, North American Man-Boy Love Association was born. (NAMbLA; the middle initials are an uppercase M representing an adult man, and a lowercase b, representing an underage boy). This organization has one stated goal: to remove any and all restrictions against adult/child sex. David Thorstad, a spokesman for NAMbLA , states their objective plainly: the ultimate goal is "freedom of sexual expression for young people and children", a goal unchanged since the formation of this godless organization. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, one of our current Supreme Court Justices, while serving as an attorney for the ACLU, co-authored a report recommending that the age of consent for sexual acts be lowered to 12 years of age. Two female psychologists in America go even further, saying the “healthiest” introdublack women in Philadelphia, o longer considered a mental aberration, now it is demoted to merely a fetish. Further efforts of the APA aim at making homosexuality as common and as socially accepted as heterosexuality, with absolutely no social stigma, and no restrictions.

1973 - The U.S. Supreme Court
hands down two highly questionable decisions in one day, making abortion legal in this nation. Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were later proven to be based on lies and false testimonies, which were later recanted, as well as personal ambition, and greed. As a result of these two decisions, the "right" to terminate a pregnancy at any stage of development, up to the moment before actual live birth, is "protected" by the Constitution Of the United States Of America. This gives rise to the grotesque and tortuous procedure called "partial birth" abortion, in which the entire body of the baby is delivered, except the head. The abortionist then cuts into the base of the baby's neck, severing the brainstem, sucking out the brain and collapsing the head before finishing the delivery.

1975 - Adult bookstores, massage parlors, strip clubs, and gay bathhouses
begin to proliferate across the country, encouraging wild, unrestrained sexual perversions with multiple partners, both hetero- and homosexual.

1982 - Video recorders
are introduced to the public. Because they are cheap, portable, and easy to use, pornographers immediately begin producing X-rated videos by the thousands. Mass production drives the cost down, and it becomes extremely easy for pornographers to pick up and move quickly when they start getting heat from citizens and authorities. By 1998 there are more pornography outlets in the United States than McDonald's restaurants.

1990 - The Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers Network (GLSTN)
began. In 1997, GLSTN changes its name to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, in order to attract more members, most especially students. President Obama, by far the most liberal, left wing President this nation has ever seen, recently appointed Keving Jennings, the homosexual founder of GLSEN, as the newest Safe School Czar. Disguising his agenda of promoting homosexuality in children under a cloak of "safe schools", Jennings wants homosexuality taught in all public schools without restriction, and has publicly stated his vehement hatred of any opposition to his agenda.

1994 - The Internet
is launched; pornographers immediately establish a foothold, claiming they are protected by the right of “free speech”. Ten years later, polls show that over 40% of the pastors in the United States admitted to having viewed pornography at least once during the past year. By 2005, pornography grosses $12 billion annually in the United States and $57 billion worldwide annually. A 2007 Christian survey reveals 50% of men and 20% of women polled are addicted to pornography

2003 - The U.S. Supreme Court
, by a 6-3 decision, once again proves it's godlessness by overturning the sodomy laws in 14 states. Justice William Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion for Lawrence v. Texas, declared that no state has the right to interfere with the private sexual activities of homosexuals. Yet, just 17 years before this decision, the Supreme Court had ruled in Bowers v. Hardwick that states do have the right to restrict certain kinds of sexual conduct. Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent from Kennedy in this ruling is a chilling look into the future: “State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity are … sustainable only in light of Bowers’ validation of laws based upon moral choices. Every single one of these laws is called into question by today’s decision.”

UPDATE 2015 - The U.S. Supreme Court
, by a 5-4 decision, once again proves it's godlessness and utter disregard for the laws of both God and man, as well as it's contempt for "we, the people" when it ruled that same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Allowing gay marriages has been defeated resoundingly by voters every single time it has been put on a ballot. With this decision, the Supreme Court blatantly overrides the rights of each individual state, as well as the expressed will of an overwhelming majority of the people. They have taken it upon themselves, in direct violation of our Constitution, which they are sworn to uphold, to make new laws, rather than merely interpreting existing law. And laws against homsexuals marrying are not at all unique to this country: virtually every nation since the beginning of time has forbidden same sex marriage. They have done what no other nation in the entire history of the world has done: they have redefined the law of marriage established by God the Creator, and opened the door to unspeakable evil. Even in Sodom and Gommerah, homosexuality, though widely practiced, was not ever declared to be legal, and certainly was not made the law of the land. In fact, we all know that these wicked cities displeased God so much that He destroyed them.

Do you think there is any hope left for America, when the highest court in the land so flagrantly violates God's laws and destroys the principal foundation for society? Make no mistake about it, people: this decision has nothing to do with allowing inviduals the freedom to marry someone of the same sex. It is ultimately a legal platform to totally abolish any moral restraints whatsoever. What will happen, now that homosexuals have the full backing of the Supreme Court, to the first church whose pastor who holds to the teachings of God's word, and refuses to marry a gay couple? We've already seen the intense and unjustified persecution of Christian bakers, photographers, and others who have stood firm in their faith and chosen not to participate in homosexual marriages. With this new ruling, it is easy to see the intent to silence the Church on the subject of morality. And if the Church cannot speak the truths of God's word, who will? The Supreme Court? I hardly think so. These godless and wicked judges would do well to remember, however, that they will one day answer to an even higher court: They will not be found innocent on that terrible day of the judgment of God.

These are some of the events that have led to the decline of America. Little steps, some seemingly insignificant, add up to a pattern of destruction of all moral values that we are witnessing today. This decline and moral ultimately will lead only to death and destruction:

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness
of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that, when they knew God, they
glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and
their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts,
to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: For this cause God gave them up unto
vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against
nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their
lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in
themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like
to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those
things which are not convenient; Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which
commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in
them that do them. (Romans 1:18, 21 –22, 24, 26-28)