I am very proud, and very thankful as well, that so many people have given my website their awards. First, I thank God for the inspiration and ability to create this site, for without Him I can do nothing! I also thank all the graphics designers who are so talented, and use their talents to praise and glorify our Lord! Without them, my site would not be anywhere near as pretty.

Click on the award to visit those who gave me these honors . I'm sure you will enjoy their sites as much as I do. To all of them, I say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you!

I am very honored that this site was chosen to receive this Art Space Award for 2007-2008, in recognition of excellence on the World Wide Web.


Pleasure Gait Farms Award


Fair Lady's Award                   Pleasure Gait Farms Award


K2L Award             Katie's Gold Award


Shy's Award                   Fair Lady's Award


Piano Lady Nancy's Award             Shy's Award


Shy's Award             Fair Lady's Award

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