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Conspicuous Holiness

The renowned preacher Charles Spurgeon, once stated: "Conspicuous holiness ought to be the mark of the Church of God." What are some of the things our churches today are most known for? Do you think holiness is very high on the list?

It is sad but true that in so many of our churches today were trying so hard to be "relevant" and "seeker- friendly" that many churches have abandoned preaching about sin and holiness. The church is so afraid of offending anyone that sound doctrine is not being preached from most of the pulpits of America today. We are unwilling to confront sin, publicly or privately, in ourselves or in others.

What kind of changes would take place in individual believers, in Christian homes, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, and our culture, if we took sin and personal holiness as seriously as God does?

How important is holiness to us? How much thought, attention, and effort do we devote to pursuing holiness? Are we intentional about putting away everything that is displeasing to God? And how important is the holiness of our children? Are we more concerned with their grade point average, their batting average, or their future earning capacity as we are about their purity of heart and life? Does the sin of ourselves or our loved ones drive us to our knees, or are we content to close our eyes to it, rather than confronting it?

When are we going to stop playing games, and start getting right with God? It won't happen until we stop trying to please people and start trying to live according to God's Word, condemning sin and committing ourselves to lives of conspicious holiness.

From Holiness" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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