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Honor Your Mother

Honour thy father and mother;
which is the first commandment
with promise, (Ephesians 6:2)

We set aside one day a year to honor our mothers, but the fact is, God commands us to honor our mothers and fathers EVERY day. It is so important to God that He made it one of the Ten Commandments. Not merely a suggestion or a good thought, but a commandment. In all that we do, we are to honor our parents.

Some parents, unfortunately, are such poor parents that it's difficult to honor them. That's very sad, but God's command to us isn't based on their worthiness. There are no qualifiers attached to His command. Not "Honor thy father and thy mother, if they deserve it" or "Honor thy father and mother if they were good parents". No, His command to us is without distinction. No matter what mistakes our parents may have made in raising us, we are still to honor them. Honoring our mothers and fathers is God's plan, and our obedience to this commandment honors Him, as well.

This month, in honor of Mother's Day, what are some practical ways we can honor our mothers? Here are some suggestions - and they don't cost a dime!

  • Love your mother unconditionally. She gave you life - without her, you would not be here. If you were blessed with a great mom, this love comes easily. If your mom fell short, try to remember that most moms did the best they could. Some never learned how to parent, or had poor parents themselves. Whatever her mistakes, love and forgive her, for her sake and your own. Extend to her the grace and mercy that God has extended to you.
  • Spend time with her. She spent time with you, when you were little, so return the favor now that you're grown. Talk to her, on the phone and face to face. Most moms love to hear what's going on in your life - they have a vested interest, after all. Time is one of the most precious commodities, because it is so limited. And time goes by much faster than you think: one day she will be gone, and it will be too late. Then you will either be glad you spent the time with your mom, or you'll regret that you didn't.
  • Offer your help. As parents age, things become more difficult and dangerous for them to do alone. Offer to help clean the gutters, or wash the windows, or pressure wash the back porch. If your mom is alone, come by and mow the grass for her sometimes, or help her plant her flowers. Offer to take her to the store, or to visit a friend or relative. It will mean the world to her.
  • Care for her spiritual needs. Go to church with her. If she doesn't go to church, invite her to attend with you, and go pick her up, so she doesn't have to walk into church alone. Pray for her health and well-being. Thank God for her, and ask Him to bless her, if for no other reason than because she gave you life.

Doing these things will only enhance your relationship with your mother. If you've had a poor relationship with her, these things will vastly improve it. If you have already have a good relationship, these things will bless you both even more.

The extent of your devotion to your mother depends a lot on the relationship you have with her, certainly. But even more so, it depends on the relationship you have with God. When you honor your mother as God commands, you bless her, and yourself, as well. And most importantly, you honor God.

And here's one last thought for you: How you honor your mother sets the example for your children. Children will learn far more from observing your actions than from your words. Ask yourself: "Would I want my child to treat me the way I treat my mother?"

Dear Lord, It is both our privilege and our duty to teach the next generation. May we be faithful to teach our children to be obedient to Your commands. May we teach them by our example to love and honor our mothers, and that in doing so, we are the ones who are blessed. Thank you for our mothers, dear Lord, bless them and keep them in Your loving care . Amen.

Happy Mother's Day!


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