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A Few Thoughts About Christianity

By Stephen Mattson

1) Christ is perfect but ďChristianityĒ is not. Donít mistake Christian Culture as God, they arenít the same thing. Churches, pastors, theologians, and other believers will inevitably fail you, but Jesus never will.

2) Itís OK to change your beliefs. Youíll never have Christianity fully figured out. You wonít have an answer for everything. Theology is a journey, a Pilgrimís Progress. Life, relationships, and experiences form, shape, and change the way you see, experience, and understand God. The disciples didnít understand God much of the time, and you probably wonít either.

3) Christianity Isnít Easy. It doesnít magically fix things, make you more popular, wealthy, or healthier. In reality, itís not a form of escapism but a lifelong process of dedication, service, sacrifice, and humbly loving others. Itís very, very, very hard, and not for the faint of heart.

4) Christianity Is Complex. Nobody believes the same thing. There are hundreds of denominations. Doctrines, practices, and traditions are as varied as the people that represent them. This diversity of faith should be appreciated and celebrated. The goal of Christianity isnít conformity, but an honest and intimate relationship with God.

5) Christianity is ultimately about loving God and loving others. It should never be co-opted by a political movement, a religious institution, gaining power, obtaining control, spreading influence, enforcing laws, or becoming rich and famous. Itís about a loving relationship with God, and loving all humanity created in Godís divine imageónever let anything supersede this.


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