And he carried me away in the spirit to
a great and high mountain, and shewed
me that great city, the holy Jerusalem,
descending out of heaven from God,  
Having the glory of God: and her light  
was like unto a stone most precious,   
even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal.
Revelation 21:10-11            

I canít wait to see the splendors of Godís heaven,
They say the streets are made of purest gold.
The tree of life up there is always blooming,
And weíll live forever without growing old.

The gates at heavenís door are made of pearls,
Well, that must be an awesome sight to see!
But I want to see the face of Christ, my Savior,
For Heís the One who gave His life for me.

The foundations are made up of precious jewels,
Like sapphire, amethyst,and emerald -
These rare and precious gems form the foundations,
Such sparkling beauty there we will behold!

And yet, not even these, in all their beauty,
Can prepare our hearts for our first precious sight,
For there is no sun or moon up there in heaven:
Jesus is the Lamb of God, and heavenís light!

What marvelous glories now are waiting for us,
But none compare with Jesusí blessed face;
Yes, Jesus is the Lamb, and light of heaven,
And He saves us all by His amazing grace.

The angels praise the Lord, and give Him glory,
The elders lay their crowns before His throne,
And one day soon, I know Heíll be returning,
To gather up His bride, and take her home.

No one can get to heaven without Jesus,
He is the Truth, the Life, the only Way,
Please accept the love He freely offers,
So you can go to heaven some glad day.

© 2009 by Kathryn Brandon;
All rights reserved.
This poem is my original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you.

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