For my Wonderful Mother,
I Love You, Mom

Children Do Not Realize

As children, we can't comprehend
or fully realize
The meaning of our mother's love,
how tender and how wise.
Her patience and her guidance,
her helpful, caring ways.
The special, thoughtful things she does
to brighten up the days.
Years go by, before we know
the depth of her concern.
The love in her protectiveness-
it takes so long to learn.
But as we grow, we understand,
for we look back and see.
Through older eyes and wiser hearts,
her love and loyalty.
It's these and many other things
that make her grow more dear.
More admired and more appreciated
with every passing year.

~ Author Unknown ~

Thank You For Still Loving Me

For all the times I was ungrateful,
When I acted mean and hateful,
For all the times I refused to see;
For all the times I acted smart,
And broke your motherís heart,
Thank you for still loving me.

When Iíd go my own way,
Not caring what youíd say,
For the times I lived so selfishly;
When I refused all your teaching,
ĎCause I thought you were preaching,
Thank you for still loving me.

Now that Iím older and grown,
With children of my own,
I know what youíve tried to tell me
We each reap what weíve sown,
Just as youíve always known,
So, thank you for still loving me.

Now Iíve learned itís all true,
And dearest Mom, I thank you,
For all of these truths I now see.
You were right all along
And I was so wrong
But thank you for still loving me

How different my life may have been
If I had just listened back then
To the truth that you spoke lovingly
And I hope you will listen,
As my tears softly glisten:
Thank you for still loving me.

© 2007 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
The poem "Thank You For Still Loving Me" is my
own original work, and is dedicated to my mother,

It may not be used in any manner
without written consent. Thank you.

My thanks to the unknown author of the poem
"Children Just Don't Realize".