Grandpa Was A Farmer

(This page is in loving memory of my
Grandma & Grandpa Pfeiffer)

My grandma and grandpa lived on a farm,
And when I was just a little kid,
We always used to have so much fun,
Oh, the wonderful things we did!

Swinging across the ditch on an old rope swing,
Helping pick cherries to make a pie,
Family gathered around for the holidays,
How I miss those days gone by!

Corn pushing up through the dirt,
Till it was taller than me, by far.
Playing hide & go seek between the rows,
Catching lightning bugs in a jar.

Grandma canning tomatoes and beans,
“Putting up” all that she could,
Pretty jars on shelves in the cellar,
Store-bought never tasted as good!

But the thing I loved the very best,
Was when the muskmelons turned to gold,
And grandpa would let us pick them,
As much as the wheelbarrow would hold.

Grandpa would peel them with his knife,
Then he’d slice each of us a piece,
One of the greatest joys of summer
Was that delicious muskmelon feast!

Grandpa & Grandma finally sold the old place,
And I guess it was good that they did;
But I’ll always remember that farm with love,
And the fun we had, when I was a kid.

© 2015 by Kathryn Brandon; all rights reserved.
This poem is my own original work, and may not be
used in any manner without consent. Thank you!