I Took The Long Way Around

Harden not your hearts,   
as in the provocation, in
the day of temptation in  
the wilderness: (Heb. 3:8)

I heard the Lord call out to me,
But I wasnít ready to be found;
I wanted to go my own way, so
I took the long way around.

How many problems I caused myself,
By stubbornly going my own way;
I know Iíd do things differently,
If I were starting out today.

So many troubles I could have avoided,
Many blessings would I have found,
If only Iíd answered His call back then,
Instead of taking the long way around.

I knew I wasnít living like I should,
And hadnít been since my youth,
But my prideful and rebellious heart,
Didnít want to hear the truth.

Until one day the life I led
Finally brought me to my knees,
And there I cried out to the Lord,
Begging Him to help me, please.

I heard my Heavenly Fatherís voice,
And I trembled at the sound:
He said, ďMy child, Iíve been here all along,
But you took the long way around.Ē

I gave my heart, my life to Him,
Kneeling there upon the ground,
Iím His child now and forevermore,
Though I took the long way around.

So if youíre struggling in a life of sin,
And no peace of mind can be found:
Learn from my mistake, turn to God today;
Donít take the long way around!

© 2013 by Kathryn Brandon; All rights reserved.
This poem is my own original work, and may not be copied
or used in any manner without permission. Thank you.

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