A Church Where There Arenít Any Walls

Therefore encourage one
another, and build up one
another, just as you also
are doing. I Thes. 5:11

When prevented from doing the things I had done
By cancer and illness and pain
The work lay unfinished; the race was not run
This loss was so hard to explain

Why would my God, just resort to this plan
What good could be found in it all
But He brought a strength to the weakness of man
With His power I answered The Call

God said there are many at home and abroad
Who are hurting and sad and alone
Join up with My Special Encouragement Squad
And bring Joy to the email and phone

Reach out and be cheerful, bring hope to despair
Be amazed when My miracles start
For you are My servant with something to share
So share it with all of your heart

I responded quite quickly, Dear Lord I will share
Every truth and each promise Youíve made
For this is my mission and this I declare
Iíll be faithful and not be afraid

So today, Iíve no pulpit, no deacons, no choir
No buildings or songs on a screen
Just a heart thatís on fire and a fervent desire
To share Him who can love and redeem

A Pastor is someone who cares for the flock
A Shepherd, a teacher, a friend
Whoís open and loving and willing to talk
A servant on whom you depend

God called me to be His servant at large
A Pastor by phone and online
His grace is a favor, thereís never a charge
He fills me with sparkle and shine

Encouragement works when we spread it around
Pass on what is given to you
For love and compassion and blessings abound
When eternityís clearly in view

Each day is a gift from our Father above
We need to look up when He calls
For we are His children who live in His love
In A Church Where There Arenít Any Walls

© Jim Lake

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