The Passion

Greater love hath
no man than this,
that a man lay down
his life for his   
friends. John 15:13

I saw my Lord crucified
Upon the silver screen;
And I understood much better,
How He my sins redeemed.

I understood His humanness,
And saw His deity;
And felt the grief unspoken,
And the depth of piety.

I wanted to stop the scourging,
And stay the time of pain;
But in the end, a sense of joy,
That He gave us eternal life to gain.

What then, ye unsaved sinners?
Can you watch, and not be moved?
Can you turn your back, or shrug within?
Can you see how you will be doomed?

Can you believe in His holy Passion?
Can you verily see the truth?
Can you make that death worthwhile,
And believe with the open tomb?

The Passion there was for us all,
He endured so much for us;
One Man, one cross, one time ago,
To have given us so much!

(© Feb. 28, 2004 by Janice L. Powell; all rights reserved)


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The poem is the original work of a very sweet and talented lady
from my church, Ms. Janice Powell, and I thank her for allowing
me to place it on my website.