~ Let Others See Jesus In You ~

Let Them See You In Me

Let your light so
shine before men,
that they may see
your good works,
and glorify your  
Father who is in  
heaven Mt. 5:16  

Jesus, I know You love me,
I know You set me free;
My sins were forgiven
By Your blood on the tree.

In myself, I can do nothing,
But through You, I can do all things.
I'm so thankful I belong to You---
That's worth everything.

You hear me when I pray,
You see me if I fall,
You will always listen,
If only I will call.

There is no greater love,
No greater compassion for men,
You gave Yourself on Calvary
Just to die for my sin.

Use me, blessed Jesus,
So others I will win......
Let them see You in me,
And save them from their sin.

Take away my pride,
And obstacles in my way;
Put words in my mouth,
And tell me what to say.

Let me show love, and be
What you want me to be.
In all I say and do, Lord,
Let others see You in me.

March, 2005 by Ruth Walker
Used by permission.
All rights reserved.



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This poem was written by a very talented woman in my church,
Mrs. Ruth Walker. She is a very talented pianist and song-writer,
and has kindly given me permission to use her poems on my website.
Thank you, Ruth, and God bless you, my friend!

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