And the angel answered
and said unto the women,
Fear not ye: for I know  
that ye seek Jesus, which
was crucified. He is not  
here: for he is risen, as  
he said.  Come, see the  
place where the Lord lay.
Matthew 28:5

A brand-new bonnet, dress or coat,
A basketful of eggs, all sizes;
A young one newly hatched or born,
The morning sun in the East also rises.

The tulips blooming along the walk,
The daffodils over all the grass;
The roses sweet-smelling on the air,
The birds a-twittering on and off their nests.

What is it about Easter and Springtime so much,
That makes the heart rejoice anew?
What is it that our souls look up to heaven high,
And gaze with wonder at a sky so blue?

Is it because, two thousand years ago
A man hung on the cross to die?
Is it because of His empty tomb
That we rejoice, and sigh?

While Easter and Springtime bring us the new,
It also brings us hope forever;
That our risen Lord has conquered death,
That no amount of doom can sever.

While Christmas remind us of His birth,
Easter reminds us of His life;
The "Christmas miracle", so you say,
But the magic is at Easter time.

O, death! Where is thy victory?
Where is thy terrible sting?
Remember this: He lives forever ---
Christ, the wonderful Risen King!

© March, 2005 by Janice L. Powell
Used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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This poem was written by a sweet lady in my church,
Ms. Janice L. Powell, who was kind enough to allow me
to use her work here. She also wrote The Passion.