I Went To Church One Day

Therefore if any man be
in Christ, he is a new  
creature: old things are
passed away; behold, all
things are become new.  
II Corinthians 5:17

I went into church one day,
My body wracked with pain
In the midst of my suffering,
I wondered what I could gain.

I sat there, and I watched, as others
Sang and raised their hands;
They knew what they were doing,
They worshipped God, not man.

I said, "Something is missing.
Something's wrong, it's plain to see.
Why can't I share in their joy?
Why is it them, not me?"

Then a voice spoke to my heart,
And brought things to my mind,
"You are not like these people,
For you aren't one of mine."

I sat awhile, and then I asked,
"Oh, Lord, what must I do?
I don't have any money
That I can give to You."

The Lord said "I don't want your money ---
I only want your soul!
For you to have a home in heaven,
That is My only goal."

So I bowed my head in prayer,
And told the Lord my thoughts,
I know Jesus died on Calvary,
And my soul His blood bought.

That day, He gave me something
No money could ever buy;
Now I sit there in the pew
And hold my head up high.

I know my Jesus loves me,
And saved me from my sin,
And I know I'm going with Him,
When He comes back again!

© 2005 by Ruth Walker
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

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The poem is another one by my very talented friend,
Mrs. Ruth Walker. I am always blessed by her many
talents, Ruth also wrote "Let Others See Jesus In Me"
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using your talents to glorify our Lord!