Happy Birthday Jesus

And Christ became a human
being and lived here on earth
among us and was full of   
loving forgiveness and truth.
And some of us have seen His
glory - the glory of the only  
Son of the Heavenly Father. 
John 1:14  

We come together now and sing
Happy Birthday Jesus
Glad tidings of great joy we bring
Happy Birthday Jesus

Spread the News to every land
And let the people know
His Birthday Partyís just at hand
As candles burn and glow

God sent His Son, His Special Gift
To bring us Hope and Peace
To give our lives a marvelous lift
His wonders never cease

This Baby born in Bethlehem
Is God in human flesh
He came to save and not condemn
Our souls He will refresh

His Party is the best in town
And you have been invited
Come be with Christ who wears the Crown
And letís just get excited

Letís sing again those songs of old
Which stir us in this season
And gladly share the truth we hold
That Jesus Is The Reason !!!

© Jim Lake



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The poem is the wonderful work of Jim Lake, and
I thank him for allowing me to publish his poetry here.
Please respect copyright laws, and do not use his poetry
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